April 2010. The day some of Costa Rica’s most amazing terrain becomes more accessible by the completion of the Costenera Highway. Before this highway was completed , the drive from San Jose to Hatillo was guaranteed one of the longest(at 6+ hours), most harsh car rides in all of Central America. Potholes 3 feet deep, complete bridge washouts, dust as harsh as the desert, and rickety bridges that look like time had forgotten about them (or at least the local govt has). Now, the drive is a smooth brand new paved road that has reduced travel to a little more then 3 hours.

For those that don’t like driving as much, there is the option to fly from San Jose by local airplane and land in Quepos(Manual Antonio National Park). This can provide a beautiful view of Costa Rica from a perspective much different then being on the ground. The flight takes about 30-40 minutes(depending on ho many people on board), and usually cost about $50(each way) per person. Once in Quepos you can either rent a car, or take a shuttle an additional 25 minutes to Hatillo.

Playa Guapil
Hatillo River & Mangrove
hatillo RIver
Sunsets are amazing year round!

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