Traveling to Costa Rica. Should I use U.S. Dollars, or Costa Rican Colones?

Costa RIca Colones

As with visiting any foreign country, we advise you always check the exchange rate to make sure you are getting a good deal. One can not get by on american cash and credit cards alone here, so some colones will be needed, and you will need to do this at the airport or prior to leaving. You will most likely have to pay your driver (to wherever you are going), or if you are renting a car, you will have to pay the (3) tolls on the way out of San Jose (approx $4 american total). Once you arrive here in Dominical, there is a bank in the main plaza right off the coastanera with an ATM that will give you US Dollars or Colones.

If you plan on eating out or buying gifts, it is highly recommended that you pay with credit card as much as possible. The value of the colones vs the dollar has been about 500-1 for a few years now. When you pay cash, everyone just uses 500-1 even if the rate is higher( in Nov 2012 it was 524-$1). Paying with your credit card will always get you the exact value on the exchange saving you money in the long run.

There is also a $30 “Exit” fee that must be paid at the airport prior to boarding and leaving the country. If you do not pay this fee in CASH, you will be charged a $15(us) service fee for paying with a credit card.

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