What to pack when visiting Costa Rica

Well, that all depends on when you want to visit. If you go during what the locals call “Green Season” or Costa Rica’s winter(april to nov) in the Southern region, it will most likely rain every day in the afternoons. It can be a drizzle for a few minutes , or it can rain all night. On thing is for certain, if you visit at this time, it will rain. Bring a nice rainjacket, and get some river shoes that are ment to be worn soaking wet, and you will be just fine.
If you come in the dry season(nov-april), it may rain in the afternoon, or it may not rain for a week. Prepare for the worst, and you will have an enjoyable stay.

A few things we think you must have on your visit to Costa Rica’s central pacific coast:

*BACKPACK or DUFFEL BAG instead of a suitcase. You will most likely be hiking when you get there, and it will be much easier to carry since you can’t roll a suitcase in mud.

*RIVER SHOES* some type of sandal, preferably w closed toe* teva’s will work, but remember, whatever you bring, will be wet, muddy, and you will be putting lots of miles on them.

*BEST RAIN JACKET YOU HAVE/ CAN AFFORD . Plan on rain ever day. After all, it is the RAINFOREST

*Light Weight, light colored clothing. Not COTTON if possible. You will likely be wet the entire time from the humidity, sweat, and rain and things do not realy dry out, so bring things that move with you.

*A hat with a bill. It will keep the rain off your face.

*Bug Repellant* yes, this is the jungle, and there are bugs. Lots of them.

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